Using the lessons of this report, you will be able to apply the 7 Habits in your business and get excellent results.

What this free report will teach you?

How to apply the 7 Habits of successful business owners or IT Executives in any area of your Business: Startup, Intermediate, and Advanced. It is a comprehensive and advanced guide suitable for both beginners and advanced.

Few of the skills you will learn:

  • Getting clear on the problem - This is by far the most important habit to develop. I will share a method to analyse problems in your day-to-day activities.

  • The importance of the KISS principle in your day-to-day activities.

  • Measuring and managing. The more often you measure it, the more chances of impacting, reviewing and revising it.

  • Decision making processes. Smart business owners and IT executives say 'This is what we're going to do'. If a key piece of information comes in later that is contradictory, they have the courage to change their position.

  • Achieve more with the same effort using Leverage.

More than 500,000 views of online training videos watched by people around the world with Powerful CMS. 

About the author

Joseph Matthew


Decades of experience at leading online companies - Dell, Microsoft. Over 7 year period managed various aspects of online transactions that grew from $5M/day to $60M/day. At Microsoft worked with a distributed team of developers and engineers across Dublin, Singapore, Hyderabad and Redmond.
In 2008, I created an online video course called Powerful CMS, that has had over 0.5M views. 

Over the last 6 years I have helped various business owners expand their online business, startup various ventures and developed solutions to large media companies that believed a solution was impossible or time frames were unrealistic. 

What others have said about Joe Matthew:

  • Joe was hired for his Sales Force (CRM) expertise and implemented a solution at MailGuard that remains a core sales management and reporting tool. Joe is personable, well presented an and all round good bloke and I highly recommend him.

    Garry Hoover, Commercial Manager @

  • My online business has grown to a whole new level since working with Joe. Joe has an intimate understanding of the key drivers of successin ecommerce, and has been fundamental in supporting me with key strategic ecommerce decisions, and also in supporting the effective implementation of those decisions. I recommend Joe without hesitation, although not to my online competition!

    Andrew Crellin., CEO @

  • PowerfulLMS has been tremendously helpful, efficient and communicative as development partner for my social learning platform, SNAP. The team has gone out of its way to keep the project on track and the fresh ideas flowing. I am very grateful for their friendly service and expertise.

    Keith Kirkwood, eLearning Advisor at Victoria University

  • Joe has the best handle on integrating IT for the best value for small - medium business, that I have ever seen.

    John Lockwood, Director at Kingdom Builders

  • The most striking thing about working with Joe is his passion and attention to detail. This guy has real wisdom and can cut to the chase fast, and with great sensitivity for those of us who might be a bit slower! Joe has extraordinary IT skills and he keeps us enthralled as he provides his professional advice in a breadth of areas. I would recommend Joe to anyone looking for someone who really knows his stuff, and knows how to impart it to others.

    David Millar, Director @ Future Perfect

"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Owners & IT Executives

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About Joseph Matthew (SEOJoe)

My name is Joseph Matthew "Joe Matthew". SEOJoe is my online handle. I am not an SEO provider nor am I religious. I am a servant leader going about my fathers business. 

I develop software solutions for painful problems in the marketplace. Software Worx, My Lead iQ, Powerful LMS, eGility are few of my online ventures. 

I am generally involved in business process mapping, automation and technology solutions that eliminate painful problems and make work fun. I help make ideas work -- all aspects of B2B internet, mobile, tablet and software based solutions. 

My expertise is in product development, innovation and online business strategy. 
The free report here is a good way to know how I operate and hopefully you find it useful. 

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